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Kovalam`s other side


Kovalam's other side
Kovalam has developed enormously within the last decade. Some beach hotels have reached western standards, especially when it comes to the price. They are mostly inhabited by rich Indian tourists. Being famous for the origins of Ayurveda, almost every hotel in Kerala, especially Kovalam offers some kind of ayurvedic treatment or Yoga classes.
But apart from its rising popularity, Kovalam has developed naturally and not forcefully. You sense this when coming here. Although the offers of package tours are overwhelming, especially during the high season, Kovalam's true charm lies within discovering its original, Indian side. Let the locals take you around to their places of interest.
Kovalam is full signs saying sea view. I appeal to you to see few. You know the saying that less is more? Kovalam has lots of little secrets, so it's worth taking the time to see a little less, but getting impressed more deeply.

Originally a poor fishing village, Kovalam has survived the march-through of the hippies, the package tours, the spa tourism, and the more recent flood of Indian tourists from the north. But has Kovalam managed to preserve its authenticity?

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Onam Festival in Kovalam. Flower show. Onam is much more than just a harvest festival. it is maybe the most important festival in Kerala. Find out more about Kerala festivals. Start with wikipedia.
Hindus performing the annual Karkidaka Vavu Bali at Kovalam beach.
Karkidaka Vavu Bali is a ritualistic offering to the spirits of ancestors.
Find more about it and about rituals with wikipedia and with the locals.
In contrary to its neighbor Varkala, where rich kids are playing Woodstock with daddy's money, Kovalam has a tradition. And lots of tolerance on the part of the locals.

But: A bikini-wearing Indian lady on the beach? That is unthinkable of in India and also in Kovalam.
In the 1970's some western tourists were even unafraid of exposing their nude bodies. For the Indians that is not a very big difference to the bikini and thong fashion. Luckily most western tourists refrain from overstepping boundaries by wearing sexy swim fashion. A more recent scandal involves naked western tourists on the beach. A slap in the face that puts shame on the locals.

Fresh meat on the beach? News like these spread fast among the locals. From nearby villages they flock to Kovalam to enjoy the view at Kovalam zoo. What is enjoyable for some can be unpleasant for others.