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Ayurveda, as translated from Sanskrit, means the science of long life. The origins of Ayurveda lie within Kerala. This part of India grows the herbs used in ayurvedic kitchen which are also used for the famous ayurvedic massages.
In the beach village of Kovalam, there are abundant possibilities of ayurvedic treatment. Your state of health will be analysed individually and treatment adapted accordingly. Alternatively you can also simply enjoy massages and steam bathes.
The well-known Ayurvedic College is located in the nearby town of Trivandrum. It is a publicly owned hospital applying ayurvedic treatment. Since it does not offer luxury, wellness and spa treatments it is not considered by most western tourists.

There are pharmacies within its vicinity which exclusively sell products for the ayurvedic healing treatment.
Before you euphorically buy a shedload of sticky and smelly medicines, which you might not even use at home, please consider the fact that many of the plants have already become extinct in Kerala due to the ayurveda boom.

It is crucial to understand the basic
philosophy. Even in your country of origin you can find plants containing special substances. It doesn't always have to be the exotic one.