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Kovalam's backwaters and temples
Of course it can be entertaining to cruise the famous Kerala backwaters on a luxurious raft, drinking champagne and staring at locals desecrating into the rivers.

Alternatively you can experience a comfortable, yet informative trip with
Kadhikan on Kovalam's backwaters. He can inspire you, but the choice where to anchor and what to do is always yours.
Kadhikan is a passionate musician and temple singer, a truly spiritual person and well-read.

A beautiful journey lies before you and you would not want to miss out on all the facts and stories worth hearing.

Kadhikan phone (00 91) 93 87 71 68 97
As a local, he can guide you to islands, take you to meet locals who process coconut fibers or produce palm juice.
More than that, he is an experienced plant guide and can show you whatever lives on the island
With a little bit of luck and some encouragement he might not only sing Mantras for you, but will play with a whole orchestra consisting of his voice, his body and a match box.
He would also enjoy taking you to a Hindu temple to conduct the Puja, a ritual for purgation and purification.

Kovalam is full of temples and shrines. Just be couragous and explore for yourself. If you wish you may ask Kadhikan to accompany you. With his knowledge of Hindu mythology he can be a real asset to your trip.
You want to meet Kadhikan?
Kadhikan phone (00 91) 93 87 71 68 97 or just ask
Venu at Green Valley Cottages hotel.
By the way, the name Kadhikan means story-teller. It is not his birth name, but his "given name". He certainly lives up to this name.
"Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it is called the present."
(uncertain origin)