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What could you as a visitor gift a local while you are here?

In India still many people believe in the creed: Whatever comes from the west must be good. Although most of it comes from China these days. Still those most fabrications are of higher quality than the Indian products. Indians notice quality when they see it. So don't buy cheap junk, it won't cast a positive light on you.

High quality second hand clothing is always popular among the common people, new textiles as well.
Kids love pens and candy. With their tiny hands reaching out to you they can quite aggressively demand the latter. But candy is just as bad for Indian teeth as it is for ours, worse if you consider the hygienic standards there. Fruits are a little bit of a luxury for the locals and always welcome. If you are invited to a family's home, the more expensive fruits such as mangos, grapes and the like would do.

Giving a
saree to the Lady of the House is never a mistake. Although it's a bit sad, alcohol is a very welcome gift. most men drink it, and those who don't use it as an alternative currency. "Foreign liquor" is unavailable in most parts and therefore very precious, but a bottle of local liquor from the wine shops is also not objectionable.

Good flashlights, goggles, mosquito nets, slippers, basically anything you found useful during your trip in India will be useful for the locals. Sunglasses, your old mobile phone, leave behind whatever you might not want to take back home.Your goods will be in good hands. Was there a helpful person who was obviously not rich? This would be an appreciated way to say "Thank You".
"True love thinks of no evil and asks nothing in return for itself
imputes no motive and sees only the bright side of things"

- Swami Sivananda