GESINE GLAESER • Phone: (49) 6221-160 122 • E-mail: info@girija-yoga.de
Gesine, a freelance journalist and social worker from Heidelberg, Germany, has been teaching Sivananda-Yoga since 1987 and is involved in the education of fellow yoga teachers. Swami Vishnu Devandanda awarded her the title "Master of Yoga". Ever since, she has been studying different schools and styles of Yoga during her many extensive stays in India and the United States. Gesine also managed several yoga retreats in southern India.
Gesine has released films and literature, with an emphasis on environmental protection and conservation as well as the preservation of local cultures in less fortunate part of the earth. In addition to several other publications on the subject of human-nature conflict, she and Georg Burkart produced films in Asia with "MGB Video Produktion".

Gesine's work:


· "Neem, Friend of Life" - A documentary about the neem tree, its origins, usage, mysticism, and versatility. MGB Video, India, Germany, 2001. www.vimeo.com/8990300
· "Mother Ganges, Can You Hear Us?" - documentary film, as commissioned by FIAN (Food International Action Network), about the Human Right for food and clean water. India, Germany, 2004.
· "Sangkarang - People by the Sea" - commissioned by the University of Bremen in 2009, this documentary goes on an exciting journey on the Spermonde Islands, Indonesia. The focus lies on "Coastal Zone Management", a very gripping and interdisciplinary expedition about the problems of man and nature. Indonesia, 2009.


· "Yoga - Harmony of Body, Soul and Spirit". Book with DVD. A short overview of the subject of Yoga with emphasis on the Yoga postures. Precise description of how to practice. on DVD.
Girija is my spiritual name.
(Giri =mountain god; Ja =born out of). When Swami Vishun Devananda gave me that name he was in practicing his 'silent year' which means that he did not speak at all. Therefore he wrote down the following words for me:

"Girija: The mother's name
( = name of Parvathi ). She was reborn as the daughter of the mountain god ( Himalaya )."

"Man is free as a bird"
Swami Vishnu Devananda