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Meditation opens the path to peace and tranquillity that we carry in us at all times. Through regular meditation-practice we can achieve more clarity and freedom in daily life.

Those who already have meditation experience will enjoy meditating by themselves on the roof top or by the seaside. Meditate to face the coming day with joy and serenity. The best time would be before sunrise.

There are lots of opportunities in Kovalam to meditate. You could try out meditating in groups, in silence as well as with guidance.

Meditation is a state beyond words. By practicing yoga you can reach this state as well, while fulfilling your daily duties.
"Every breath that flows in the nose,
Every beat that throbs in the heart,
Every artery that pulsates in the body,
Everythought that arises in the heart,
Speaks to you that God is near."

Swami Sivananda