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The mysterious sea world
Kovalam means both land and water.
"The sea remains the same, never changes" - "The sea is constantly changing"

These seem to be the most common statements of the local fishermen we interviewed.
One of the fishermen is Sudhi:
"same same, but different", Sudhi, a local marine biologist without formal university schooling.
He sees himself as a thinker and a teacher.
He offers boattrips as well.
Ask him:
(00 91) 98 95 09 98 06
Once he starts talking his audience gets the feeling of watching the 'Discovery Channel'.
There isn't one living species in the ocean that Sudhi can not describe in a way that makes one believe the creature is going to come alive.
Sudhi knows more about the sea than just its inhabitants, his "bank" as he likes calling it. He can also give entertaining lectures on the ocean in general, its bright colors, its moods and currents and all the dangers that come with it.
In the sea, fisherman Sudhi feels at home, as part of the ocean.
Should you have the chance to catch a ride on his boat you can be sure to have a wonderful experience.
Especially children love Sudhi. As a freediver you can follow him to his hunting grounds several meters beneath the surface.
Sudhi is more of a hunter than a gatherer.
To be successful at hunting, his power of observation must be exceptionally good.
A good hunter has full
control of body and mind, spirit and breathing at all times.
Understanding the fish is essential, what will his next move be?
... and first of all he needs a Guru, or teacher, one who is experienced and knowledgeable, he who really knows the sea.

Yoga also means to focus on one thing with your undivided attention.
Being a devoted diver it often comes to a trial of strength between Sudhi and the sea. This perilious and hard physical work seems to be merely a dance for him.
In the sea, he feels at home, as part of the ocean.
"The sea is everything.
It is only motion and love;
it is the living infinite."
Jules Verne
Sometimes Sudhi returns to the boat without any fish: "I see a beautiful fish, very close, but ... it was a couple… just discussing, I feel that, I cannot shoot."
Pending on the season and weather, dolphins and sea turtles will come into the cove, rarely a wale as well. That is, if one of those speed boats doesn't chase them away.
palme am meer Sudhi will also show non-swimmers the ocean world. With goggles on, you could lean over the boat's edge and look down. His boat is safe and very comfortable for everyone.

Interested in a Boat trip with Sudhi?
Phone: ( +91 ) 9895099806