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Rickshaw and comedy
Some places are infamous for having ruffians as rickshaw drivers, trying to rip off the long noses. But this prejudice should not ruin one of the greatest ways of exploring the country. With the right driver you will gain a memorable and great experience.
Rikshaw driver Subhash (+91) 96 05 79 83 30
With three wheels underneath your feet, you can go on a bumpy ride just to find the original world of Kerala: Beautiful places off the beaten track, the right shops for whatever you need.
You might see places you could have never imagined, get to know people you wouldn't normally meet and exchange interesting thoughts with.
Your driver can be your guide and your bodyguard. He will protect you from tourist traps and other scams just by his presence.
The rickshaw can access places a car can't, you can hop off any time for a photo and above all, the wind is your natural A/C.
Subhash is a rickshaw driver. His friends call him Subha and he is an allrounder. Besides being a good driver, he will enrich your stay in Kovalam if you let him.
He knows the area, suggests visits to beautiful landscapes and natural reserves and lots of other things your guide book doesn't tell you. Being open minded is the key to a great experience.
He offers catering services as well, should you not be in the mood of leaving the hotel. If you have a question, don't hesitate to ask him for advice
Subha has been practicing yoga for many years and will happily share his knowledge with you.
Besides, you shouldn't miss one of his theatre performances. Humorously he reflects life in Kerala, a must-see for anyone who wants to understand the people and their culture. Kerala without comedy would not be Kerala.
Subhash Kovalam [kovalamsubhash@gmail.com]
Subha is your operator. Where can you get what? Subha knows...

Or do you just need a Rickshaw?

Suba Phone (+91) 96 05 79 83 30