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South India / Kerala


Kovalam`s other side


From Kovalam you can do plenty of day trips or excursions and field trips: to monasteries and temples, to different nature reserves and national parks, city tours and much more. Also do not forget the famous backwaters tour, a one day boat trip on rivers and canals in the hinterland. On-site Kathakali dances will be performed there.

Longer trips can be accomplished by train, busses or taxi. Helpful and knowledgeable drivers can save your time and also your day. For short distance you can hire your own Rickshaw, including a driver of your choice.

- Rikshaw
Always remember: A good driver is worth the cash. He helps with his inside knowledge, saves you time and can give good advice about things we wouldn't even have considered.
When paying, convert your currency to Rupees. A ten Cent tip is more of an insult than actual help.
Consider the situation of your driver. Most of the money he earns has to be spent on fuel, the vehicle's maintenance and of whatever remains a good deal goes to its owner. What little is left has to feed the driver's family, also in times when there is no business (monsoon season).

If you are content with the driver's services, don't skimp on the tips, no matter where you are. The so called tips always benefit the locals and are never to be considered thrown-away cash.

Kovalam's offer of souvenirs includes anything imaginable from all of India and Tibet.