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Googling for Kovalam turns up lots of results for accommodation, from the budget hostel to the five star luxury suites. But most budget accommodations do not have a web presence yet.
Generally you could say, the prices rise, the closer you get to the beach. Apart from the star spangled hotel scene run by foreign investors, you can find the original Kovalam. Kovalam's charm lies there and it is just that charm that separates Kovalam from any other Beach village in the world.
The most beautiful is the hinterland. A maze of tiny paths leads through former rice paddies to the houses. You will find an ample offer of accommodation there, from rooms in privately run pensions to bungalows. Upon your wish, the families are prepared to serve you tea and meals.
Some foreigners have acquired land in Kovalam which you can recognize by the beautiful massive walls surrounding these premises. Nevertheless the most important paths were not built up.
It is not necessary to book your stay in advance. There are more than enough hotels and every year there are more. The only time it gets a bit busy is between Christmas and New Year's. The best rooms in every price ranges are anyhow taken by the annually recurring tourists.
Best, to find a room somewhere for the first two nights and then look for the accommodation of your dreams unhurriedly whilst you are there. A nice picture online does not necessarily imply a nice ambience on location. This way you also get to know Kovalam quite fast. A good contact point for private accommodation (rooms, houses, bungalows) is Venu, the Green Valley Cottages manager. He will happily convey you to others.
Alternatively you can ask your local "beach-bed-umbrella-man". These guys, offering umbrellas to tourists on the beach are locals and can guide you to the home stay or hotel of your taste. Of course they are doing you this favor in hope of a small commission.
Very simple accommodation can be found from 4-5 Euros upward, if you are planning to stay a couple of days.