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Climate change is global and therefore also affecting Kovalam. Normally the high (dry) season lasts from November till February. Then it's gradually getting hotter until June, when the Monsoon season, the rainy season, starts. It continues until the end of August when the rain starts decreasing. During rainy season, swimming is nearly impossible. The sea is rough, the sand on the beach is carried off and the waves reach the beach promenade.
Actually this is the calmest time of the year, when few tourists crash Kovalam,
a perfect time for an
ayurvedic treatment.
But to what extent are the climate tables still applicable? The monsoon has been irregular over the last two years. In 2011, unusual, heavy rainfalls occurred instead in November and December during high season.

To conclude:
It is always nice and warm in Kovalam, sometimes it rains and sometimes it rains a bit more. The climate is always pleasant and can cure weaknesses, with or without ayurvedic treatment.
No matter what the weather forecast says, bring along your sunscreen to the beach. An additional pair of pants or long skirt and a long sleeved shirt is advisable as well and the best protection against the sun. Even the umbrellas don't offer a great deal of sun protection. To see how quickly your fragile white skin can develop to become a deep lobster-red, is an experiment I wouldn't advise you to. To prevent sunstrokes, wear a wide hat.
Rikshaw will protect you from any weather!